Telling Tales of Tofu with our Bon Appétit Chefs

Every recipe contains a story, held together by long-held cultural traditions, inspiration sparked by a new idea or ingredient, and countless memories of meals shared together with loved ones. This AAPI Heritage Month, we are excited to share Tofu Tales: A Collection of Recipes from Bon Appétit Chefs for AAPI Heritage Month.

This digital cookbook amplifies the creativity and skill of our chefs while shining a light on the stunning versatility of tofu, a humble yet powerful ingredient that has stood the test of time across a range of Asian cuisines . This cookbook has it all — there are savory dishes like Filipino Tofu Sisig, Chinese BBQ Tofu with Udon Noodles, or Korean Tofu Patties, as well as new inventions like Eggless Egg Salad, and sweet desserts like Ginger Syrup Taho, plus many more.

We invite you to dive into Tofu Tales by downloading our free digital cookbook at this link. Get inspired with us by exploring the many exciting ways our chefs let tofu shine through traditional classics and modern takes. These recipes, like tofu itself, are rich with history and personal stories, and are a testament to the incredible innovation and talent of our culinarians who identify as members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.