Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know, so you can order like a pro!
How do I begin online ordering?

Log in here.  First time users will need to set-up an account.

Can I order from my smart phone or tablet?

Yes! Scan this QR code, download the app, add your school, and log into your WU account. ►

What cafes can I order from?

Rick’s and Goudy Commons are available to order from.  At this time, Blitz Market is not available.

Why do I have to select a window of time when ordering?

Due to limited kitchen space and staffing, reserving a time slot helps ensure maximum freshness so that your meal will be hot or cold (depending on what is ordered) when you pick it up.

What if the time I want isn’t available?

We have a limited number of people we can safely serve during each window of time. If there is no availability for your first choice of pick-up time, you will have to select a different time slot.

Where do I pick up my order?

Pick up at Goudy will be located in the cupboards to the right of the entrance. Pick up at Rick’s will be located at the end of counter opposite the register. There will be clear signage on where ‘Pick-Up’ stations are located within the cafes.

What if I have questions regarding my order?

Please contact [email protected]

I have additional questions not answered here, who can I talk to?

Send an email to [email protected]