Meet Our Team

  • Lindsey Leisinger
    General Manager

    As an Oregon native, Lindsey has always had a love for food and sustainability. Both her mother and father’s families own wheat farms in Eastern Oregon. Growing up, Lindsey would take part in Harvest: rode along with her grandfather while he drove the combine, ran around on acres of land, and helped her grandma cook for the crew. After graduating from Oregon State with a Nutritional Sciences degree, she merged her passion for food with interest and knowledge in nutrition. She found Bon Appetit to be the perfect company to be apart of – sharing her beliefs in sustainability, impacting the communities through supporting local farmers and valuing its employees. Since beginning her career with Bon Appétit in 2010, Lindsey has had the opportunity to work in several capacities including: catering at Lewis and Clark College, operations assistant at Reed College, and catering director at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Lindsey is thrilled to be back in her hometown and excited and committed to providing world-class service and excellent food to Willamette University and the Salem community.

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  • André Uribe
    Executive Chef

    André Uribe was born in Colombia, South America. It was there that his passion for food developed from an early age. In 2000, he moved to the United States, where he started training to be a chef. Working in various Michelin star restaurants he learned that in order to get the highest quality food one must go all the way to the source. As he likes to say “we must shake the hand that feeds us.” He became Executive Chef at Intel with Bon Appétit Management Company in 2012. While at Intel, he continued to hone his culinary skills and built relationships with many local farms. Driven to give back to society, André is a member of the Northwest Food Buyers Alliance, where he works to bring local, organic and sustainable food to hospitals, correctional facilities, and public schools. His passion for sustainable agriculture makes his career with Bon Appétit his dream job.

  • Hopeton
  • Hopeton Sharpe
    Cat Cavern Chef

    Hopeton Sharpe was born in Clarendon, Jamaica. He began to realize that he loved food when he was a boy of ten or twelve. His earliest experiences with cooking began with helping his mother cook dinner after coming home from school. One of his most memorable (and transformative) culinary experiences came when he had the opportunity to cook for a group of retired chefs. This was a turning point for him. From that point on, he continued to cook and to learn about cooking, gaining experience at resorts in Jamaican tourist areas such as Ocho Rios. Hopeton moved to the States in 2003, staying briefly in New York City before finding his way to Oregon later in the same year. He joined the Willamette University culinary team in 2011 and has been a fixture ever since. Known for his positive and warm presence behind the counter at the Cat Cavern café, he’s the first to say that he loves what he does and loves the unique Willamette community where he works each day. He feels blessed to have a career which enables him to do something he enjoys and which allows him to see the joy that deliciousness and welcoming hospitality bring to his guests. His goal is to make everyone, regular or newcomer, feel that there is always good food and a smile waiting for them in his café.

  • Pamela Noon
    Board supervisor

    For nearly 20 years, Pam Noon has had the pleasure of serving the Willamette community as a part of the Bon Appétit team. Being on the front lines of our culinary programs has been, and continues to be, an absolute pleasure for her. The excitement of meeting new people and seeing the looks on their faces when they taste fabulous food is one of great pleasures of her work. As a leader, the process of watching our cafés come alive with energy and flavor creates an inspiration that consistently inspires her each day.

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  • Julie Garaicotchea
  • Julie Garaicotchea
    Chef Manager, Kaneko Commons Cafe

    Julie Garaicotchea, a native of Bangkok, Thailand, immigrated to the United States in 1976. She was brought up in the food industry working at her parent’s restaurant. She went from serving tables to working in the back kitchen where she fell in love with cooking. In 1989, Julie moved to Tirrenia, Italy where she applied and was accepted to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. She graduated with the Grand Diplôme in cuisine and pastry. During that time she apprenticed with Chef Xavier Gregoire at La Fontaine d’Auteuil. After graduation, Julie spent time traveling to Spain, Egypt, the former Yugoslavia, Turkey, and Poland (to name a few destinations). She subsequently moved back to the United States and settled in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Her first position in the States was as Entremetier Chef for La Brasserie du Theatre in Manhattan’s theatre district. This restaurant was the brasserie portion of Park Bistro and Les Halles (made famous by Anthony Bourdain). Julie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management and is currently pursuing an MBA. She finds joy in passing along what she knows as advisory to culinary student councils and as an adjunct culinary instructor. She currently is the Chef Manager at Kaneko Café at Tokyo International University of America and has found her new home and position extremely rewarding. Bon Appétit’s approach to food and sourcing are inspirational to the global and local community.
  • Tricia Matte
    Catering Director

    Born in Portland, but raised throughout the United States via our US Navy, Tricia Matte has had the opportunity to experience a diverse career based around food and food culture. After college at SFSU, she moved back to her roots at a time when foodie passion and wine enthusiasm was still in its infancy. Her passion is catering and providing a fresh sustainable product that is as appealing to the eyes as it is to the palate. And her goal is creating an experience which guests will continue to talk about long after their event.

    Over the past 20 years, Tricia has managed independent Portland-based restaurants in which fresh and local were just as important as presentation and service. Along the way, she has also had the opportunity to own her own catering business in which she utilized area farmers, fisherman, and local meat markets to create seasonal northwest events. She is always eager to share her passion and commitment to great catered affairs with the Willamette community.


  • Trish Schatz
    Catering Supervisor

    With her love of people and a passion for excellence, Trish brings 38 years of Private Country Club banquet, catering and management experience to Bon Appetit Café at Willamette University. Born in the Mid-West where family and values set the stage, she began her career at a Members only Country Club. After many years of event planning with trademark energy and positivity, she maintained alliances with vendors, clients and customers throughout the communities she worked. Through the years she has worked in all aspects of the industry and finished a 38-year career within the Country Club Community. Trish’s gifts of organization, attention to detail, creative imagination, concept design and contagious enthusiasm have earned her a reputation for excellence as an event planner and designer. She will execute your concepts while maintaining a pleasant, calm and helpful demeanor to ensure an amazing experience for you and your guests.