Meet Our Team

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  • Lindsey Leisinger
    General Manager

    As an Oregon native, Lindsey has always had a love for food and sustainability. Both her mother and father’s families own wheat farms in Eastern Oregon. After graduating from Oregon State with a Nutritional Sciences degree, she merged her passion for food with interest and knowledge in nutrition. She found Bon Appetit to be the perfect company to be apart of – sharing her beliefs in sustainability, impacting the communities through supporting local farmers and valuing its employees. Lindsey is thrilled to be back in her hometown and excited and committed to providing world-class service and excellent food to Willamette University and the Salem community.
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  • André Uribe
    Executive Chef

    Born in Colombia, South America, it was there that André found his passion for food. In 2000, he moved to the United States, where he started training to be a chef. Working in various Michelin star restaurants he learned that in order to get the highest quality food one must go all the way to the source. Driven to give back to society, André is a member of the Northwest Food Buyers Alliance, where he works to bring local, organic and sustainable food to hospitals, correctional facilities, and public schools. His passion for sustainable agriculture makes his career with Bon Appétit his dream job.

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  • Bonnie Von Zange
    Cafe Manager

    Bonnie was born and raised in Hawaii, growing up in a family that enjoys cooking. She developed an early appreciation for all the delicious and diverse food the islands have to offer. Bonnie went to culinary school and worked at a bustling restaurant in Waikiki, where her passion for great food and providing service with “Aloha” grew. Bonnie moved to Oregon in 2010 to finish her degree in Business Management, and shortly thereafter began working for Bon Appétit. Bonnie is still delighted to work for a company with high standards for food and service.
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  • Chris Jones
    Executive Sous Chef

    Chris Jones has been cooking with Bon Appétit for 15 years. As the Executive Sous Chef here at Willamette University, CJ helps to oversee daily operations at Goudy, ensuring well balanced culinary offerings to students, faculty and off campus guests. In his spare time he enjoys working out, gardening, and culinary exploration.

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  • Julie Garaicotchea
    Chef Manager, Kaneko Commons Cafe

    Julie Garaicotchea, a native of Bangkok, Thailand, immigrated to the United States in 1976. She was brought up in the food industry working at her parent’s restaurant. She went from serving tables to working in the back kitchen where she fell in love with cooking. In 1989, Julie moved to Tirrenia, Italy where she applied and was accepted to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. She graduated with the Grand Diplôme in cuisine and pastry. She finds joy in passing along what she knows as advisory to culinary student councils and as an adjunct culinary instructor. She currently is the Chef Manager at Kaneko Café at Tokyo International University of America and has found her new home and position extremely rewarding.
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  • Tricia Matte
    Catering Director

    Born in Portland, but raised throughout the United States via our US Navy, Tricia Matte has had the opportunity to experience a diverse career based around food and food culture. Over the past 20 years, Tricia has managed independent Portland-based restaurants in which fresh and local were just as important as presentation and service. Along the way, she has also had the opportunity to own her own catering business in which she utilized area farmers, fisherman, and local meat markets to create seasonal northwest events. She is always eager to share her passion and commitment to great catered affairs with the Willamette community.